BLOOM is a team of talented marketing and design professionals with many years of experience branding and marketing products and services. We work with some of the best researchers, copywriters, designers and programmers in the business.  Few companies could afford to keep this kind of talent around full time, and frankly neither could we.

We operate as a virtual organization, calling in the talent that’s needed only when it’s needed. Which means you get expertise usually available to only the biggest [and most well-funded] companies. Because you’re paying only for the people and services you actually use, you get it for less than you might expect.

Ad agencies often have the most lavish and impressive offices in town. And their clients pay for them. At BLOOM, we focus on your brand, not the artwork on our walls.

Our chief strategist and tactician is Max Bloom, a marketing pro with broad and deep experience in digital media, media production and clean technology. Max has worked for every major film studio and television network in Hollywood. Literally. (Max has been a member of the International Cinematographers Guild for 20 years.) He has written for episodic television and film, with two screenplays produced as feature films (Max is an emeritus member of the Writer’s Guild of America). As an entrepreneur, Max created, marketed and distributed more than 100,000 units of a consumer product through 300 retailers, including Walmart. In 2001, Max created and taught the course, Introduction to Digital and Streaming Media at UCLA Extension. As a digital media analyst, Max has written articles on business applications of streaming media and online video advertising.  Max also served as Vice President of Marketing for the start-up, CleanSwitch, a solar power company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

How we deliver results

  • We are passionate about our clients’ success.
  • We are committed to deep understanding of our clients’ businesses.
  • We develop extensive knowledge of each client’s customer base.
  • We think out of the box.
  • We ask the right questions.
  • We listen well.
  • We approach challenges both strategically and tactically.

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