Client Profile

BLOOM works with growth-oriented companies that want to make a positive contribution to their customers and their communities – companies with cultures of innovation, excellence and integrity. Our clients are large enough to require the skills of a full-service branding, marketing and communications team, yet don’t want to bear the expense of an in-house marketing department.

Do any of the following scenarios fit your situation?

  • Your company is a start-up, and is defining its branding and marketing goals for the first time.
  • Your company is introducing a new product or service.
  • Your company is hoping to turn up the sales volume by reinventing itself with a new branding effort.
  • Your company wants to increase the flow of qualified leads into the sales pipeline.
  • Your company needs to build (or repair) its credibility.
  • Your company’s recent marketing efforts have not been as successful as you would like.
  • Your company has worked with ad agencies in the past, and has been less than satisfied, either because of the expense (agencies often have lots of overhead) or because agencies typically address only a piece of the branding, marketing and communications puzzle.
  • Your company would value a top-tier, full-service branding and marketing department for about the cost of one mid-level manager (without benefits).

If so, give as a call at 505-250-4994.

We’ll make sure your carefully crafted message is delivered loud and clear, so you can concentrate on what your company does best.

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