Radio, television, online video… the array of available marketing media options can be overwhelming. The reality is that each has its place, and the question is:

Which medium will be most cost-effective for your company’s specific goals?

That’s where BLOOM excels. Our familiarity with the pros and cons of a wide range of analog and digital media alternatives enables us to work with you to choose the right media for your company’s needs. Our years of experience in media production means that we can create distinctive, memorable radio, video and online media that bring results.


CleanSwitch radio spot:

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Radio advertising can be an effective contributor to brand equity, laying the groundwork for a positive perception of your company. Hearing your company’s name in conversation or through referral will often register more positively for a prospect who is familiar with your company’s well-crafted radio ad campaign.

In addition, radio respondents are often more motivated to buy because of the effort required to respond.  First they need to understand the product or service without being able to see it.  Then they need to stop what they’re doing to remember the phone number or write it down. Finally, they need to call without misdialing.  Prospects who get that far are pretty interested, and they tend to convert to customers at a higher-than-average rate.

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