Rusty Schmit
CEO - Banyan Energy

“Credit is due to Max for creating the CleanSwitch brand. When Max joined us we had a logo and some ideas. Max translated all of that into an image that was conveyed consistently – from the color scheme for painting the trucks to the Solar Roller to radio to print ads. All of it was consistent and worked together to drive our branding strategy. That was 99% due to Max.

Max works hard to get an understanding of what the business is really about and who the customer base really is, so that he can tailor the message as accurately and effectively as possible. Beyond just understanding the company, Max works to understand the industry in general, who the competition is, and how to differentiate the company from the competition.

Max has a broad and deep network of folks that he can go to, whether it’s a voice for radio spots or graphics for brochure design. The CleanSwitch brochure that Max developed is unique in comparison with those of our competitors. The brochure helps convey not just the tangibles, but the intangibles that we want people to get about our company – about how we treat customers and what we believe is important.  It doesn’t just have bullet points of facts. It has Q & A, and cites one of our key customers to help potential customers start to feel like they will when they engage with us.

Max was the driving force behind the CleanSwitch Solar Roller, which we use at many community events, like farmers’ markets. It’s a great tool for building our image in the community and bringing us direct business. It was Max’s original vision that we do something like that to get out there in a unique way.

The radio has been one of our top two or three sources of leads, and it’s because of the way Max labors over each and every word — and bounces the copy off of people inside of CleanSwitch before deciding on the final wording — and then works with the voiceover talent to make sure it sounds just right. We get a lot of positive feedback about our radio spots, and it’s because of Max’s work on them.

We have a very limited budget for all of our marketing, including trade shows, and Max has always worked well in staying within that budget.  Max developed a simple display for the booth that looks very professional and helps convey the right image with both the design and wording on the display.”

Kristin Martinez
CFO - CleanSwitch

“Max is a good listener. He takes time to think about problems and opportunities, and always comes back with an idea that pulls together what you’re trying to accomplish. He’s a very enthusiastic member of a management team, and shows up every day with the client company in mind. He’s always thinking of creative ways to get the brand out.

Figuring out what differentiates a company from the competition is critical for a company and a marketing team. If you don’t know what customers care about and what customers think makes you different from other companies, then you’re probably wasting a lot of advertising and marketing dollars. Max is always asking the questions, ‘What’s our competitive advantage here? Are we really talking about the things that customers care about?’ Max has helped us focus on the importance of customers as referrals. He initiated a referral fee program, and has helped create a customer-focused culture. I think it’s because of what Max knows about customers in any business… not just at CleanSwitch.

Max has the ability to cut through all the clutter and chatter and come up with practical advertising solutions to marketing problems. Because of his wealth of resources and experience, he’s able to very quickly put together high quality radio ads, print ads or whatever it is you need. Max has a great Rolodex. One of the most important benefits of doing business with someone with a lot of experience is that they have a lot of contacts.  People who they can call on, people who understand what a start-up budget looks like. So we are able to access people throughout New Mexico, in California and on the East Coast. Whenever we needed to find talent we were able to benefit from Max’s deep relationships in the industry.

Max introduced us to the world of trade shows. He dragged us kicking and screaming from a little plastic table-top company name to a proper, not outrageously expensive, good looking trade show exhibit. What it really does for any company is elevate the company in the minds of those who see it.”

Sharon Rich
CEO and Chief Growth Engineer
Leadership Incorporated

When Max Bloom gets an idea in his head, there is no stopping him. I worked with Max on and off for several years. He is a driver, incredibly creative, and one of the savviest marketers I know.  There is no one more resourceful. He truly has his clients best interests in his heart and mind. He loves a juicy marketing challenge like nobody else.”

Don Rossmoore, PhD
Consultant to Corporate Officers and Equity Partnerships
Rossmoore and Associates

“Max Bloom does a brilliant job of grounding his work in freshly collected
data,  which he then transforms into compelling messaging with a keen ear for
language and an attractive visual aesthetic.

Working with Max, you can relax, knowing that your back is covered. He
delivers when he says he will, what he says he will.”